Technical University-Sofia is the leading HEI in the field of technical sciences in Republic of Bulgaria.

The studies at TU- Sofia are organized in 14 faculties, several departments, one college and other units. The University has a branch in the city of Plovdiv and in the city of Sliven. Two faculties are located in the Plovdiv Branch and 1 faculty is located in Sliven. Technical University – Sofia is a unique institution in Bulgaria with its 3 foreign language faculties in German, English and French. TU-Sofia has experience in developing and implementing joint curricula with leading universities from Germany, Austria, France and plans to expand its partnership with countries outside the European Union. The University foster introduction of degree courses, providing knowledge of cross-sectional abilities. New course units taught in English at Bachelor and Master level have been introduced. The emerging course units have been integrated in the faculties’ curricula and run parallel to those of the foreign language faculties.

Statistics: Over 100 thousand engineers have graduated; Number of students: 12 000. More than 1400 foreign students; Number of Ph.D. students: 500; Number of academic staff: Over 800 lecturers; Erasmus partnership: since 1999-2000 academic year.

Graduates of bachelors and masters are prominent professionals with a diploma and qualifications recognized on the labor market in the country and abroad.

TUS internationalization strategy, which is integrated into the Strategic Development Plan of a University adopted by the Academic Council in 2019 ( set the main priorities and vision for improving the scientific and educational potential, improving the results of international cooperation and actively expanding the geographic regions of the partners. Priority activity in the internationalization strategy of TU-Sofia is the international cooperation with universities from the European Union and other regions of the world. The University is among the first in the Republic of Bulgaria to have joined the Erasmus as yearly as 1999-2000 academic year. For a 20-year period of participation in the Erasmus program, over 3,500 participants have been registered and more than 6 million have been used. Erasmus+ ICM is rapidly expanding. For the period 2015 – 2020 academic year 6 projects have been awarded.

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