Multiplier Events

Transnational Workshop on SEMS and Smart Grids

This transnational event aims to bring together academics, professionals and stakeholders in the ICT and ECE fields to present the current findings and progress of Phase 1 “Synthesise and Analyse the Best Practises on SEMS Training Using the Collaborative Input from Academia and Industry in Preparation for the Academic Curriculum” as well as of Phase 2 “Determine and Develop the Academic Curriculum and Laboratory Exercises on SEMS”. This event fulfils the need to share among instructors, HEIs representatives, students and industrial stakeholders the knowledge and the needs for specialised training on SEMS, focusing on the technical prerequisites as well as the most efficient ways to deliver courses on SEMS. Participants will be introduced to the context of SEMS, their applications in the industry and the rationale of the JAUNTY initiative, resolve any possible questions and also provide valuable feedback.

Given the situation by spreading it on COVID-19 and related  restrictions, the  event was held online on Wednesday, 1 of December  2021 from 10:00 CET to 13:40 CET  in Zoom ***


During this event, the consortium members from HEIs, SMEs and industry will introduce JAUNTY to students, academic community and market stakeholders. The concept, the field of expertise, the curriculum and the distant courses, while demos of the distant learning platforms for courses will be available. Students and other stakeholders will have the opportunity to meet JAUNTY’s innovative educational tools as well as its linkage to SDN-microSENSE and SPEAR project’s research activities and findings. This multiplier event will be combined with the pilot lecture on “Smart Energy Management Systems” teaching activity as well as with the 3rd transnational meeting.

The  event was held  on Tuesday, 27 of September  2022 from 13:00  to 17:15  at University of Cyprus (NEW CAMPUS), Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Panepistimiou Ave 1, Nicosia, Cyprus, ROOM: LRC014 – University Library building.


Transnational Workshop for JAUNTY overall evaluation

During this event, the project accomplishments and objectives’ fulfilment will be presented. The overall evaluation of the project based on the reports submitted by the participants of the teaching activities will be announced. Furthermore, the audience will have the opportunity to learn about the completed online platform for remote labs. An open discussion will be allowed between consortium members and participating stakeholders for extending JAUNTY’s concept and exploiting the distant learning platforms developed to other scientific fields of interest.

The  event was held  on Thursday, 24 of August  2023 from 09:30  to 13:00 at Technical University of Sofia, Univ. building № 2, 8 „St. Kliment Ohridski“ Blvd. Sofia 1000.