JAUNTY focuses on transferring latest research outputs generated from the “Secure and Private Smart Grid (SPEAR)” and “SDN – microgrid reSilient Electrical eNergy SystEm (SDNmicroSENSE)” projects funded under the H2020 program, back into education at a European level by joining students and instructors from different countries exploiting the capabilities provided by digital technologies. The idea is to enhance undergraduate students’ knowledge and skills on Smart Energy Management Systems (SEMS), in order to address urgent technological challenges and needs of high-qualified personnel in the ICT and energy sector. Undergraduate students will gain insights on SEMS by joint and distant courses and remote labs. JAUNTY’ concept has been built in the basis of providing distant courses and labs in order to offer the opportunity to students deriving from disadvantaged backgrounds, to gain an international educational experience from home.

It is envisaged that JAUNTY will trigger the modernization of curricula in HEIs by adopting new educational tools and development of new courses of high interest for the energy market.